KVRF Networking Day

Promotion of gradual improvement in global networks between VR/AR/MR companies through memberships and exchange

Summary Provision of a networking opportunity for global speakers, company representatives, and experts who participated in the conference and exhibition.
Date / Venue 19 Sep. 2017 (Tue) Main Conference Room & Medium Conference Room, Business Tower, Nuritkum Square
Participants All participating companies and speakers from home and abroad

Global Membership

Spread awareness of the Korean VR industry, provide networking opportunities, and create a systematic membership with Europe, the US, Japan, and Taiwan by participating in VR exhibitions, forums, and business day events


※ The programs listed above are subject to change by the host
Part Time Content Host Note
Part 1 18:00 ~ 18:10 A seating chart for the participants Secretariat Main Language :
Korean ↔ English (Interpretation)
18:10 ~ 18:15 Introduction of the networking day and the event MC
18:15 ~ 18:20 Welcoming speech
18:20 ~ 18:25 Congratulatory message Invited speaker (overseas)
18:25 ~ 18:35 Introduction of the participants Industry experts
18:35 ~ 18:50 Gifts and for the participants Secretariat
18:50 ~ 19:00 Photoshoot Secretariat
Part 2 19:00 ~ 19:30 Presentation by each organization, Q&A Global figures (10 persons) Interpretation
19:30 ~ 20:00 Meal and networking All participants Interpretation
20:00 Meal and closing ceremony MC