Grand Challenge is organized to lay the groundwork for the ecosystem of the domestic VR/AR industry by supporting VR/AR developers in Korea for the development and commercialization of new contents, and theestablishment of new businesses.

  1. Participation Eligibility
    • Any individuals or teams are welcome to participate in the competition (※Students are also allowed to apply as adults)
      • Student : Students who are attending a middle school, high school, college, university (including graduate courses) as of the date of the application
      • Adult : No age limit
  2. Plan
    • The award will be given to those of who have been selected for excellence in VR/AR content developed under any topics or the one that usesa motion platform (e.g. simulator) after the pre-development stage and the finals.
Category Pre-Development Stage Final Round
Content The deadline for applications has closed. Participation eligibility for the finals : Experts will be evaluating the contents that were received in the pre-development stage.
  • Free topic : 50%
  • Motion Platform : 50%
  • The award winners will be selected based on the result of demonstration and pitching performed by the experts and participants during the period of KVRF.
Available Support
  • Technical seminars will be held by the specialists and networking opportunities will be provided to the developers during the period of the event.
  • Technical support for SDK/API and demonstration will be provided by the experts for the use of motion platform.
  • Technical support is available for content production infrastructure including VR/AR devices & motion platform (by KoVAC)
    • Pre-Development Stage : Two to three months of pre-development stage is given for the development of high-quality VR/AR contents.
      ※ The contents developed by the participants must be limited to the contents that have not been commercialized or supported by the government or public organizations.
      • Developers must form a team of fewer than 10 people to participate in the event (an individual also may participate in the event as a team of one person)
        and may join the competition during any period of the pre-development phase.
      • All participants are required to submit their work by the application deadline after the pre-development phase.
      • Regular technical seminars and networking events will be available for the participating teams (and individuals)
        (about 8 times during the period ofpre-developmentstage).
No. Content Note
1 KVRF 2017, “VR/AR Grand Challenge” Presentation :
General information on the event including the event plan, evaluation criteria, available support for the developers (teams), and technical seminars on VR production tools
Developer associations, related organizations
    Contents development using VR/AR devices : Mobile devices, VR/AR devices, steam VR registration, etc.
Specialists from solution companies
    Space VR content development : Spatial relocation/ marker recognition / interaction
Domestic space VR companies
    Movable motion platform VR content : Theme park attractions
ETRI mini roller coaster
    VR contents for floating motion platform : Connection technologies of floating HW including 3DOF and 6DOF
Domestic motion platform manufacturers
    AR contents : AR contents for smart phones or AR devices
AR platform possessors
    VR/AR contents commercialization : Status of domestic business locations and entrance to the overseas market
Location businesses operators, VC
    Selection of the participating team for the finals
KVRF exhibition experiences
< Technical Seminars & Networking Events > ※ The contents and the number of the events are subject to change.
      • Target : The topics of the content development will be divided into free topics without any limits and motion platform that are connected to certain instruments.
        ※ KoVAC will provide a test bed for HW as well as exercise programs including SDK & API for the connection with the HW.
Target Content Note
Free Topics VR/AR contents for smart phones or commercialized VR/AR devices GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens, etc.
Designated Topics VR/AR contents that areconnected to certain instruments or spaces such as motion platform Spatial relocation, floating simulator, etc.
      • Technical support : Support for the developers (teams) and for any technical difficulties in the development of VR/AR contents will be provided by the in-house R&D* center.
        ※ As part of the effort of supplying customized technology for the digital contents being developed by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), technical support for the development of the contents will be provided by the research team.
Provision of a Test Bed for Contents Development
Provision of a Test Bed for Contents Development(by KoVAC)
  • KoVAC (located in Nuritkum Square, Sangam-dong, Seoul) will provide a development environment for the experience of the users in VR/AR contents, commercialization and improved quality of the contents.
  • KoVAC will provide a development environment for the participating teams in KVRF competition for the experiment and verification of the developing contents.
    • Support for the developers will be available with VR/AR devices and motion platform.
    • The Finals : Teams that are qualified to participate in the KVRF competition finals will be selected by evaluating the VR/AR contents that entered the pre-development stage.
      • The panel of judges will be comprised of VR/AR experts and business operators.
      • Contents that made into the finals will compete against each other in a hackathon contest for one night and two days during the period of KVRF 2017 event. The award winner will be selected by evaluating the demonstration and pitching performed by the experts and participants.
  1. Inquiries
    • Korea VR/AR Inductry Association ( TEL. 02-2132-1274, E-MAIL : )