Registration Registration is available from the date of notice before the selection of participating team for the finals
  • Application deadline : Aug. 31, 2017 (Thu) 6pm
Please refer to the notice below to fill out the application form and submit it to
Pre-Development Stage Date of notice – Selection of the participating teams for the final (by Aug. 31, 2017)
Finals/Evaluation During the period of KVRF 2017 (Sept. 18, 2017 - 19 Sep. 2018)
Awards KVRF 2017 Closing Ceremony (Sept. 20, 2017)
Inquiries Contact person of Grand Challenge of KoVRA 02) 2132-1274
  1. Prize & Commercialization Support Plan
    • Prize : A total of about 45 million KRW will be awarded
Category Minister of Science and ICT’s Award President of NIPA’s Award President of ETRI’s Award President of KoVRA’s Award President of AppCenter’s Award Camp VR VRis Contents & Scenario Award
Student 1 team
(3 million KRW)
1 team
(1 million KRW)
1 team
(1 million KRW)
1 team
(1 million KRW)
1 team
(1 million KRW)
  • Contents :
    15 million KRW
  • Scenario (adult/student) :
    5 million KRW/ 1 million KRW
Adult 1 team
(10 million KRW)
1 team
(5 million KRW)
1 team
(5 million KRW)
1 team
(5 million KRW)
1 team
(5 million KRW)
※ The prize is subject to change depending on the level of the completed work and competition rate.
※ There will be additional prizes from the sponsors once the list of the sponsors is confirmed (currently KT, LGU+, ONE store, Lotte World, Oculus)
※ Maximum of 15 million KRW for VRis contents, 5 million KRW and 1 million KRW prize will be awarded for VRis scenarios for adult and student winners respectively.
    • Commercialization Support Plan : Partner companies of KVRF VR/AR contest will support for commercialization of the participating contents
Support Type Content Note
Content Purchase Content commercialization or purchase agreement with location-based VR business operators or motion platform developers Conditional purchase agreement
Commercialization Operation of a content experience center at the company oflocation-based VR business operators
  • About 20 VR venues are available nationwide
Provision of running royalty calculated based on user feedback
Additional Development Support for commercialization and additional development of the motion platform and contents Support for contents developments of related organizations
※ Availability of matching support from the government for purchase of the contents bybusiness operators for commercialization of the contents is under review.
  1. Selection & Performance Evaluation
    • The final award winner will be selected after the first and second round (the trial and final) among the participants (teams).
      • Up to 00 top teams that earned the highest scores will be selected after the first round based on the evaluation result of the developed contents.
      • 00 final winners will be selected based on the evaluation result given for demonstrations and presentations on the developed contents during the hackathon.
    • 1st round Preliminary evaluation : Must earn 80 points or higher, up to 00 contents that earned the highest scores will be selected
    • 2nd round evaluation on demonstration & presentation (by the judges) : Teams that earned the top total scores will be selected
< First Round Evaluation Criteria >
Evaluation Areas Evaluation Items
  • Originality, creativity, and excellence in the entry
  • Scalability and distinction of the major functions and characteristics of the entry
  • Development feasibility of the entry based on the development background
  • Validity of the development purpose of the entry
< Final Round Evaluation Criteria >
Evaluation Areas Evaluation Items
Product value
  • Completion level of the developed content
  • Competitiveness and scalability as a product
Ripple effect
  • Potential for commercialization and profitability
  • Effectiveness of technology dissemination and exchange
  • Application Information
    • In case there are multiple copyright holders including the creators who belonged to a corporate entity or joint creators with a complicated rights system, the relationship between the copyright holders must be clearly identified to apply and submit the content as a representative.
    • Awards and prizes will be canceled and recollected for any contents that have won awards from other contests and are revealed to have been falsified.
    • All submitted work must be creations that have not been commercialized.
  • Evaluation Information
    • [1st round] All submitted work will be evaluated
    • [2nd round] All contents that passed the first round will be evaluated based on expert feedback and presentation of the work (all participants must give a presentation on their work).
    • Any participant who fails to appear at the final round or follow the regulations set by the organizer will be disqualified from the contest
    • Participants must be fully aware of all rules and requirements when submitting their work and be responsible for any detrimentscaused by being uninformed.
    • The scores will not be shared and the evaluation items or scoring method are subject to change. The award will be canceled if there is no appropriate winner.
  • Award Information
    • The award winner (team) must attend the award ceremony (scheduled to be held on Sept. 20, 2017).
  • Copyright Information
    • All copyrights for the entries and award-winning works belong to the individual (team) who submitted the work.
    • Participants will be responsible for any legal issues caused by illegal use of any type of intellectual properties and information including third party copyright, patent, or image right and registration or award processed for the submitted work will be canceled.