Suggest future strategies by hosting a technical forum with invited global speakers to share the
trends of VR, AR, and MR industries and technical insights.

※ The programs listed above are subject to change by the host
Summary Share the vision of the industry by providingfuture strategies and relevant information during the keynote lectures and technical seminars led by global leaders who represent the VR · AR · MR market.
Date 2017. 09. 18 (Mon) ~ 2017. 09. 20 (Wed) 3Days
Venue International Meeting Room & Main Conference Room, Business Tower, Nuritkum Square

Global Conference & Technical Seminar

Global Conference

Global Conference

Keynote lectures and presentations of the global leaders on thestrategies of the convergence development during the era of the 4th industrial revolution that will be led by VR, AR, and MR

  • Venue 3F International Meeting Room, Business Tower, Nuritkum Square
  • Day 1 : Suggestion of business strategies of the global companies and development strategies that can be promoted through the convergence of VR, AR, MR that will lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Day 2 : Presentation on the trends of the VR · AR market around the globe and convergence examples & directions of traditional industries including entertainment, national defense, education, manufacturing, and medicine.
Technical Seminar

Technical Seminar

Lectures on the technical information and core insightsgiven by the global VR · AR · MR developers and specialists

  • Venue 4F Main Conference Room, Business Tower, Nuritkum Square
  • Day 3 : Provision of key, applicationVR · AR · MR technologies, information, and insightsbyexperts
Networking Day


Networking Day

Organized to providenetworking opportunities anddisseminate
domestic VR · AR · MR industries through various exhibitions,
conferences, and business matching events