Technical Seminar



Lectures on the technical information and core insights given
by the global VR · AR · MR developers and specialists

Pre-registered visitors are welcomed to the conferenceat
no cost withoutneeding to go through a separate onsite registration process.

Venue4F Main Conference Room, Business Tower, Nuritkum Square

The registration opportunity for the seminar will be provided on a first-come-first served basis since only a limited number of seats are available for this seminar. Please make a reservation in advance.


  • If you are pre-registered, please show your ID (or business card) at the event booth before entering the event venue.
    • You may not be permitted to enter the event venue without your ID.
  • Onsite registration will not be available if all seats have been already reserved through pre-registration.
  • Pre-registration or onsite registration will not be available for children under the age of 14.
    However, they may be permitted to enter the event venue without pre or onsite registration if they are accompanied by their parents or a group leader (school teacher) (Pre or onsite registration is required for each parent and group leader)
※ The programs listed above are subject to change by the host
Date Time Program Speaker
Day 3 9/20 (Wed) 09:00 ~ 10:00
VR/AR H/W (device) [registration / check-in]
09:55 ~ 10:00
Beginning of the Event MC
(Kim Hong-seok)
10:00 ~ 10:40
Morning Session #1
“The appearance of hologram VR / AR” Kim Tae-geun
(Sejong University)
10:40 ~ 11:20
Morning Session #2
“Build A VR Video Player From Scratch” Yumei Chen
11:20 ~ 12:00
Morning Session #3
“SDK's VR contents and motion platform connectivity technology” Lee Ji-sun
12:00 ~ 14:00
Lunch Break
13:30 ~ 14:00
VR/AR hardware and engines[onsite registration/ check-in]
14:00 ~ 14:40
Afternoon Session #1
[VR·AR Engine]
“Cinematic VR Filmmaking & Post-Production Workflows” Kim Yeong-min
14:40 ~ 15:20
Afternoon Session #2
[VR·AR Engine]
Status and outlook of mobile VR technology Professor Choi Su-mi
(Sejong University)
15:20 ~ 16:00
Afternoon Session #3
“DPVR's new HMD and E3 based HMD development thinking” Lee Seung-hoon
(Fictio Creative)
16:00 ~ 16:40
Afternoon Session #4
[VR·AR Engine]
“VR/AR now, future, and Unity” Oh Ji-hyun Evangelist
(Unity Korea)
16:40 ~ 17:20
Afternoon Session #5
[VR·AR Engine]
“3D CAD engineering data for VR/AR contents production and workflow” Park Jong-tae
17:20 ~ 18:00
Afternoon Session #6
[VR·AR Engine]
“MAXST's AR development tools and Instant Tracking / SLAM technology” Cho Kyu-sung
18:00 Closing Ceremony

Speaker Profile

Photo Name[Title] Brief History
Kim Tae-geun Kim Tae-geun
[Sejong University]
  • TBD
Yu-mei Chen Yu-mei Chen
[HTC, Engineer]
  • HTC, Principal software engineer
    • Vive Cinema : A Video Player in VR environment
  • HTC, Senior software engineer
    • Demonstration for Marker AR
    • Pan360 : Full Sphere Panorama Capturing & Viewing
Lee Ji-sun Lee Ji-sun
  • TBD
Kim Yong-min Kim Yeong-min
  • Founder and Creative Director of CAMVR
  • Google VR Partner
  • Award-winning writer and director, 'ROOM 731'
  • MFA TV/Film Production, School of Cinematic Arts at University of Southern California
Choi Su-mi Choi Su-mi
[Sejong University]
  • TBD
Lee Seung-hoon Lee Seung-hoon
[Fictio Creative]
  • Fictio Creative Co.,Ltd
Oh Ji-hyun Oh Ji-hyun Evangelist
[Unity Korea]
  • Unity Korea Evangelist
Park Jong-tae Park Jong-tae
  • Autodesk
    • Stingray & Gameware Technical Specialist at Autodesk
  • Former Autodesk, Technical Specialist
    • XL Games, Lead Gameplay Programmer
    • Barunson Games, Programmer
Cho Kyu-sung Cho Kyu-sung
  • TBD